Prayers for Lent – Have an Incredible Easter

As Lent ushers in a season of reflection and renewal, it offers a sacred space to deepen our faith and prepare our hearts for the resurrection joy of Easter. Embrace this time of intentional prayer and reflection as we journey …

As Lent ushers in a season of reflection and renewal, it offers a sacred space to deepen our faith and prepare our hearts for the resurrection joy of Easter. Embrace this time of intentional prayer and reflection as we journey together toward the glorious dawn of Easter. Use these prayers for Lent throughout the whole season to deepen your spiritual life.

Traditional Prayers for lent

There are many different types of prayers for lent. As Catholics we tend to love tradition. So here are two traditional prayers for lent that you can start praying.

The Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross are a great Lenten prayer. This tradition goes back to the earliest Christians who visited the places where our Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died in Jerusalem. By praying the Stations of the Cross, we walk step by step with our dear Lord on His journey to the cross, sharing in His pain but also in His great love for us.

Lent is a time for deeper prayer, asking forgiveness for our sins, and getting our hearts ready for Easter.

The Stations of the Cross fit perfectly into a Lenten prayer routine as they are typically prayed on Fridays. They help us think deeply about Jesus’ sacrifice. Each station, or stop along the way, is a chance to think about how much Jesus loves us and how we can love Him back by living better lives.

When we pray the Stations of the Cross we’re invited to bring our own struggles and hopes into Jesus’ journey. It’s a time to let go of what’s holding us back and to grow stronger in our faith. And even though this prayer talks a lot about suffering, it ends with hope—the hope of Easter and the promise that Jesus’ love and life are stronger than anything, even death.

If you want to pray the Stations of the Cross you can see the words at this link here.

The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary are deeply meaningful especially during Lent. This set of mysteries takes us through the most challenging moments of Jesus’ life, from His intense sorrow in the Garden of Gethsemane to the pain of His crucifixion. Praying the Sorrowful Mysteries during Lent helps us connect more deeply with the true meaning of this season—a time of reflection, repentance, and preparation for Easter.

Each mystery invites us to reflect on suffering and sacrifice, but also on love and redemption. As we meditate on events like the Scourging at the Pillar or the Carrying of the Cross, we’re reminded of the immense love Jesus and the Holy Spirit has for each of us, a love so great that He bore unimaginable pain and sorrow.

This prayer is about making Jesus’ journey a part of our lives today.

The Sorrowful Mysteries encourage us to offer up our own pains and hardships, to find comfort in Jesus’ presence, and to grow in our compassion for others. They remind us that even in our darkest moments, we’re not alone—Jesus understands our struggles and walks with us.

In the quiet moments of this season of Lent, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary can be a source of peace and hope. They help us prepare our hearts for the joy of Easter, reminding us that after every hardship comes new life, and after every Good Friday comes Easter Sunday.

If you want to add praying the Sorrowful Mysteries to your spiritual life, See our article on the Sorrowful Mysteries here.

Ash Wednesday Prayers

As you get ashes this Ash Wednesday, you can pray and reflect on how this Lent season can be transformative. 

God of goodness and mercy,

Hear my prayer as I begin this Lenten journey with you. Let me be honest with myself as I look into my heart and soul, noticing the times I turn away from you. Guide me as I humbly seek to repent and return to your love. May humility guide my efforts to be reconciled with you and live forever in your abundant grace. Transform me this Lent, heavenly Father. Give me the strength to commit myself to grow closer to you each day.


Jesus Christ on Good Friday - Prayers for Lent

Good Friday Prayer


No one knows change better than you. You died on the cross, and three days later you rose from the dead. Forty days later you ascended into heaven and left the world transformed for the rest of time. Help me to transform my soul, to die to sin and death and be reborn in your love and eternal life.


Holy Saturday Prayer


You are courage incarnate. As you hung on the cross for my sins and the sins of the world, you showed me that all things are possible. You knew that life did not end on the cross. It was only the beginning of a new and glorious eternal life.


General Prayers for the Lenten Season

Look with favor, Lord,
on your household.
Grant that,
though our flesh be humbled
by abstinence from food,
our souls, hungering after you,
may be resplendent in your sight.

– Pope Pius V

Almighty and ever living God,
you invite us deeper into your world, your people, your Lent.
May this time be one of outward focus;
seeking you in those we often ignore.
Help us live a Lent focused on freedom, generosity, and encounter.
Give us hearts hungry to serve you
and those who need what we have to give.

– Author Unknown

Quick Lenten Prayers

One of the best ways to pray is throughout the day. By praying short or quick prayers for Lent, you can keep the season of Lent on your mind all day.

“God, may Your light guide my day, and your spirit bring me peace. Amen.”

“God, may my sacrifice of today of (state your Lenten sacrifice) remind me of my dependence on You for all the blessings I enjoy. Amen.”

”May I stand in solidarity today with all my brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering. May we be united in your love, and may I work to build your kingdom here on earth.”

“Heavenly Father, I’m truly sorry for the moments today where I missed the mark. I ask for your forgiveness and the strength to better follow Your call tomorrow. Amen.”

”God, I lift up (name of the person you’d like to pray for) today. I ask that you bless them abundantly today and throughout Lent. Amen.”

“Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything. Amen.”

Fasting Prayers

While fasting with the body,
brothers and sisters,
let us also fast in spirit.
Let us lose every bond of iniquity;
let us undo the knots of every contact made by violence;
let us tear up all unjust agreements;
let us give bread to the hungry
and welcome to our house
the poor who have no roof to cover them,
that we may receive mercy from Christ our God.

– Byzantine Vespers