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Is Christendom College a Good Catholic College?

Christendom College is a a Catholic liberal arts college located in Front Roya, Virginia. They offer many educational programs from bachelor’s to post-graduate degrees. If you’re looking to send your child or attend a good conservative Catholic college, then Christendom …

Christendom College is a a Catholic liberal arts college located in Front Roya, Virginia. They offer many educational programs from bachelor’s to post-graduate degrees. If you’re looking to send your child or attend a good conservative Catholic college, then Christendom college might be what you want.

Christendom College Facts

Founded in 1977, Christendom College’s mission was to fight back against the cultural revolution that engulfed the country in the 1960s. Their goal is to provide a Catholic education that is faithful the the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Year Founded: 1977
Degrees: Associate of Arts (A.A.), Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master of Arts (M.A.)
Total Undergraduates: 550 (from 39 States and four foreign countries)
Male/Female Ratio: 47:53

Acceptance Requirements

Freshman Class Stats: 164 freshmen

  • Average SAT score (out of 1600): 1260

  • 35% from private schools, 59% homeschooled, 6% public schooled

  • 76% on academic scholarship

  • 37% are siblings of a current or past student

Undergraduate Costs for 2023-24

Tuition: $29,400
Room & Board: $12,500
Required Fees: $1,020
Freshman Retention Rate: 86%
Four-Year Graduation Rate: 70%
Percentage of courses with fewer than 20 students: 59%
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 15:1
Percentage of courses taught by Teaching Assistants: 0
3 Most Popular Majors: History, Philosophy, Political Science
Percentage of students living on campus: 90%
Percentage of students receiving need-based financial aid: 78%
Percentage of students receiving need-based or merit-based aid: 99%
Acceptance Rate: 85%
Yield Rate: 49%

These are sourced from the Christendom College website.

An Education from Christendom College

Catholic higher education

Christ the king Chapel

Christendom is a thoroughly catholic college. The college offers two daily masses, daily confession, daily Rosary, and daily Eucharistic adoration. The campus also embodies the spirit of Catholicism by celebrating many liturgical and cultural feasts.

What makes Christendom a truly Catholic college is its adherence to the principles laid out in Ex Corde Ecclesiae. This encyclical written by John Paul II expands on the purpose and the importance of getting a faithful liberal arts education.

Something that sets Christendom apart is that ALL professors are Catholic, and all of them make an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium and a Profession of Faith each year in the presence of the Diocese of Arlington’s Bishop.

It is a Catholic education taught by Catholics for Catholics.

The Liberal Arts

The college curriculum is based on a liberal arts education. This means every student is required to take core classes in mathematics, literature, and history. Part of what makes Christendom’s core classes unique is that they require six classes in Catholic Theology and six classes in Philosophy.

In total, Christendom offers an 86-hour core curriculum that’s required by all undergraduate students.

Furthermore, the college offers several study abroad options either to Rome or to Ireland for students.

Christendom College’s Location

The college’s campus is located in Front Royal, VA. Front Royal is in the Shenandoah River Valley, and the campus overlooks the Shenandoah River with scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. It’s like going to school in a John Denver song.

About Front Royal

Front Royal, VA

Front Royal is in Warren County, Virginia, and is about an hour and a half drive West from Washington, DC. With a relatively small population of 15,000 residents, Front Royal provides a quaint and scenic environment for students.

The rural setting is perfect for contemplation and for growing in your faith.

About The Campus

Christendom College Campus

The Christendom College campus resides right outside of the town of Front Royal. The campus has twelve single-sec residence halls, which can house up to 400 students.

The college does not provide internet access in the residence halls. They do this to foster a a culture of virtue by keeping out the bad things of the internet and encouraging the importance of in-person relationships.

The campus also features the newly constructed Christ the King Chapel. The chapel features over 14 stained glass windows, a 116-foot tall Gothic tower, and seating capacity for over 540 people.

Christ the King Chapel

Overall, Christendom College is an excellent Catholic college. Its liberal arts core is designed to give young people a strong Catholic formation. With an ever-growing list of alumni, Christendom can hopefully become a national model for faithful catholic colleges everywhere.

Christendom college FAQ

How conservative is Christendom College?

Christendom College is very conservative. It is their mission to serve God, and they do this by having a Catholic liberal arts core as well as refusing all government money.

Does Christendom College have a dress code?

Yes. They have a dress code that emphasizes modesty for both men and women.

What is the acceptance rate for Christendom College?

The acceptance rate is 85%

What is Christendom College known for?

Christendom College is known for being a Catholic college in Front Royal, VA. They offer both undergraduates and post-graduates a chance to develop a Catholic education. They offer two semesters: a fall semester and a spring semester.