Catholic Church Heresy – Santa Muerte

When I was researching Gnosticism I came across a list of heresies. One of the heresies that caught my eye is a modern heresy called Santa Muerte. It’s a heresy I have only heard a little about. All I knew was that …

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blessed virgin mary

How To Pray The Rosary Every Day

Nothing has improved my spiritual life like praying the Rosary every day. I started doing it on a whim because I thought I should be praying more. At first, it was a challenge and something that I vied as a …

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Catholic Church Heresy – Gnosticism

We are living in an ever more pagan world. A world that not only ignores the church but has outright animus to it. As the church loses it’s influence and the world and the world becomes more pagan,  there will …

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